Here are some basic tips for best experience when playing these games in VR mode.

• Move your head to control your character.

• Use your eyes to look around, instead of moving your head to much, to minimize the risk for motion sickness that some may suffer from otherwise.

• Try to relax. Hit the ”visiting cards” left from the horses. It can also loosen upp some tensions that otherwise may lead to nausea for beginners.

• Sit down when playing, or keep a safe distance to things you might trip over in the real world.



Make sure the phone is properly centered in the headset, and adjust the lenses too.



The top tip for Google Cardboard VR users is to use the right QR-Code to calibrate the headset.

With the wrong calibration, the experience will suck so much.

So install the Google Cardboard app from Google Play Store. Then, spend some time to test some QR-Codes, to see which will give the best, and a distortion free VR-experience. The QR-Code supplied from the manufacturer of the headset is often super poor. Of course you can try it, but test some others too. The Cardboard standard settings for example. There are two of them to try, one for older headsets with ”2015” in the name, and a newer. The default no viewer setting will fill the usable area of the display which may be preferable on wider phone displays. To revert back to the default no viewer setting, you can clear the app data, and cache for the App "Cardboard", and "Google VR Services". If none of the settings work, you can download a free app from Play Store to tweak the Field of view, and remove barrel effects.

Note about Android 11:

In Android 11 there are no default viewers to choose. Search for "QR Code Google Cardboard 1.0", or "QR Code Google Cardboard 2.0" on another device to find a QR code to scan, if you would like to try the default Google settings.




Disable the automatic adjustment of the display brightness, to prevent the phone from reducing the brightness when the phone is placed in the VR headset.



Some of the games can be played using an optional Game Controller with joystick. Connect the joystick to your device, for example with Bluetooth. Start the game, and apply some forward input to activate the joystick. The B-button will make your avatar jump, and the A-button will disable the Game Controller and resume to the standard inputs.

The Game Controller is supported in the game Summer Jumping VR, Snowmobile Cross VR, Cross-Kart Ice Racing VR, Horse Show Jumping VR, Motocross VR, and Ultralight Flyer VR.